Be Unique: Style Tips

Be Unique: Style Tips

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Are you bored with your current style and are forever wanting to spruce up your wardrobe and overall style? These tips will hopefully help you create a style that is a little more you and you feel much more confident and unique.

Statement Pieces

When it comes to your wardrobe, most people have basic items which are comfortable and reliable. For a more unique style though, it is important to incorporate some statement pieces in your wardrobe.

A statement piece includes an item that is attention grabbing. There is no set of rules what a statement piece can or can’t be. It can vary on person to person and their perceptions.

A statement piece is just an item that you add to your outfit that gives it that little something extra, such as a dazzling pair of shoes or an amazing jacket.

New Hairstyle

Style is not exclusively clothing, it can be everything about your outer appearance. That is why a new hairstyle can do a lot when it comes to mixing up your style.

Whether it is a brand new cut, if you’ve always fantasized about having a short blunt cut then go for it or it is a completely new colour, this can go a long way to completely changing your look.

Do some research and find some inspiration online from websites such as Pinterest, you can even take some images with you to the hairdressers in order to get exactly what you want.

Dress for your Body Type

In order to look your best and unique, choosing clothing that compliments your body shape will grab everyone’s attention.

If your body shape is an hourglass, wearing clothes that fit tightly against your curves is a great way to emphasise your figure and avoid wearing loose and baggy clothing.

If you are pear shaped, you should wear clothes that emphasise the most slender part of your body.

Insight into clothes for body shapes can be found online such as resources like


Over the past few years tattoos have been a trending way of setting yourself apart from others. Getting a unique design permanently etched onto your body is a sure way of individualising yourself.

Tattoos are a large commitment and cannot be undone without a removal procedure, so it is best to research thoroughly whether this is something you really want.

Researching the tattoo procedure itself as well as deciding exactly what you want is an important step before going to seek a consultation.

Make sure you also look into what tattoo parlour you want to get it done at, it is important to choose a reputable establishment such as Tribe Tattoo based in Glasgow and Edinburgh in order to get a tattoo safely of the best quality possible.


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