Relax! The weekend is almost here

Relax! The weekend is almost here

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Are you stuck in the office all week long in two-piece-suit-stiletto boredom? First of all you need to go over your work wardrobe – nowadays there are so many elegant and professional outfits out there, it really is a terrible shame to be bored with your office wear! But that’s another story. For now, we understand that come the sacrosanct weekend all you probably want to do is kick back and relax in your slouchiest jogger and your sports tee.

Fairly enough, when you spend the week in incredibly plain impeccably tailored garments, you just want to throw on the most comfortable clothes you own and give the finger to anyone who’d try to force a fashion sense on you. It’s your weekend, you don’t owe style to anyone! Eeeexcept we bet that you don’t spend all your weekend sat at home in front of your TV. You go out for brunch with the girlfriends, you go to a movie, catch up with your sister over a drink perhaps? We hate to break it to you, but when you’re going to see people there’s not really any excuse to look scruffy – it’s just a question of respect towards the people you’re going to see!

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting you spend hours staring at it-girl street style inspo to know what to wear, or that you throw away your whole wardrobe and start over. Dressing for the weekend is just a matter of finding a few staples that are comfortable and stylish. You can even use some of your workwear items. In case you hadn’t guessed, we’re going to go over the Casual style. Trust us, it does not take much to cross the line from unkept to stylish casual, and we have a few tips to help you on the journey. We know your closets may be full of workwear and lacking much cool factor, so we’ve gathered a selection of fashionable staples from Jack Wills to shop with a Jack Wills Promo Code – it turns out you can get all your casual essentials from one trendy place! That sure makes things easier, doesn’t it? Now follow our steps…

What is Casual?

Casual is simple, elegant, and natural. It’s outfits that don’t take time to put together, that exude an air of freedom and ease, but never neglect. Casual can be done on the smallest of budgets, or raised to a luxury level with quality basics. It can be ultra minimalist, or freely accessorised. Casual is not one specific look, but a way of styling comfortable clothes and accessories.

What are the essential pieces to have?

Jeans are the absolute casual emblem. While nowadays they are widely accepted in more professional environments, they remain a go-to item for more relaxed occasions. Skinny, boyfriend, crop, flared, shorts, distressed, raw… There are so many styles, sizes and finishes it can be difficult to choose. Good news is, all styles function for a casual look. Pair with a loose blouse, a plain tee (clean and well cut!), a vest, a thick jumper or a big knit – literally any top works! Just remember to keep the volumes balanced: with larger jeans tuck in a more fitted top, and with skinnier jeans feel free wear a more fluid top. The trend these past few seasons is on rolled and cropped hems that show off a bit of ankle skin: a super easy trick for instant style.

Jeans, one of your work blouses, a pair of sandlas, a straw bag. A simple spring outfit.

Slim jeans will follow you in most your outfits! Henlow Slim Leg Jean, Jack Wills

Tops: Wear anything you want. Really. If you’ve found your perfect pair of jeans you’re already most of the way there. You can also pick a pair of cotton chinos if you are not too sure about jeans. Do you have chinos or suit trousers you wear to work? Pop a good ol’ t-shirt on top and voilĂ ! Similarly, have you found jeans but don’t have too many casual tops? Pop a white or light blue shirt on top, untuck or half-tuck, and believe it or not you’ve succeeded in creating a “smart casual” look. It really it that easy.

Large jeans, trainers and a t-shirt? Yes! Just accessorise with shiny jewellery, a classy bag or a colourful scarf

Sweatshirts: Embrace the Athleisure trend and pop on an updated sweatshirt. Forget baggy rapper hoodies, we’re talking elegant and well cut pieces with lovely colours and an intentionally loose fit. Athlei-what? Oh, right. Athleisure. It’s the whole “sporty clothes are ok as everyday wear” trend. It didn’t make sense at first, but trust us once you start noticing chic urban outfits containing trainers or -gasp- joggers, you’ll understand. Now, we know you may have some old sweaties already, but do yourself a favour and get one of these neat and sleek numbers from Jack Wills. Casually sexy with a miniskirt and trainers!


Shoes: We’re sure your drawers are not all stilettos and classy derbies! Dig out your ballet pumps or ankle boots to go with a pair of rolled jeans or a mini. If in doubt and in need of ultimate comfort, pop on your running or gym trainers! We swear it’s completely acceptable – as long as they are clean. Any other pair of trainers works, from flat plain ones such as Vans or Converse, to proper running trainers with flashy colours. For an impromptu evening out just smarten up with a blazer.

Smarten up a casual look with one of your weekday statement bags

Add a touch of soft colour with this nude rose number! Beccles Trainer, Jack Wills

For warmer days have some cute flowy dresses. Floral prints do wonders for giving your outfit an air of summer joy, and they don’t require much accessorising as they are visually interesting enough. You can wear them bare legged with your new trainers, or your ballet pumps for a cute and sexy look. When it gets chillier pull out your sweatshirt! The urban cool of the sweatshirt and trainers will balance out the innocent look of a floral dress.

That’s right, you can pull off trainers with a dress. Chesham Floral Wrap Dress, Jack Wills

What about hair and makeup?

The only watchword is : keep it simple. Go Parisian chic and let your hair down with a cool fedora popped atop, or tie them up with an undone bun or a loose braid. Keep your makeup minimal – a good occasion to give your skin a breather too – with natural colours and no excess skin products. Keep smoky eyes for nights out, or stay minimal on the eyes and slap on a bright red lipstick come the evening – guaranteed effect!

So there you have it, a perfectly casual but groomed look! Remember, the idea is to put less effort than your daily office look – after all, it is the weekend!

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