If you are not celiac then stop eating gluten-free!

If you are not celiac then stop eating gluten-free!

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More and more people are eating gluten free because they believe they can’t digest cereals. In the national celiac disease week (from 13th to 21st of May 2017) we need to remember that you can’t just decide to be celiac, but you need to talk to your doctor first.

It is the trend of the moment, everyone believes to be hypersensitive to gluten, a protein that we can find in wheat, grain and other cereals. But this kind of food has been made for people that suffer from a serious disease: the celiac disease. It is not safe to just choose to follow a diet that features gluten-free products, because it could be problematic for your health. “Gluten-free food contains a strong quantity of complex polysaccharides” says Gino Roberto Corazza, director of the medical clinic I of the University of Pavia. “If you don’t actually have this problem, this kind of substances can cause increasing intestinal fermentation with meteorism and swollen belly”

Those who have the doubt of suffering of the celiac desease should not try to find a solution alone.
“Whoever thinks of suffering from gluten sensitivity, should stop “self-care” and consult a doctor” says professor Corazza. To understand it is ¬†enough to look at the results of our research, conducted on 59 people. Everyone believed that they were suffering of the celiac desease, but just 5 of them were actually ¬†sufferinf from gluten-sensibility”.

How to recognize safe food

Despite all of the progresses in this kind of research, there is still no medicine to heal this disease. The only solution is a diet that must be followed rigorously. Fortunately most of the traditional food are available in their gluten-free version. You can recognize them by the presence of the symbol of the crossed wheat. This symbol guarantees that all of the ingredients are gluten-free and the product has been packaged separately from the others. This kind of food is unfortunately more expensive than the average ones.



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