Get ready for Summer 2017, here’s all you need to know about the last fashion trends!

Get ready for Summer 2017, here’s all you need to know about the last fashion trends!

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Light fabrics or blocking? Stripes or vichy squares ? punk details or romantic ruches?
What’s the latest trend and what do we need to buy for this summer?

Now it’s time to sit down, stare at your wardrobe and think about what you just NEED for this new season and what you just want to give away instead. Here’s our practical guide to all the must-have of this season, to help you with an easy and really cool shopping experience.
Vichy Squares

Get back to ¬†the 50s with the old fashion vibes this print can give you, and I’ll feel like a real old-Hollywood star: The vichy squares are coming back with triumphal elegance right in your wardrobe. Bon-ton is a trend again, it is known!


Even the stripes are coming back to the fore, but be careful: we are not talking about the classic marini√®re, but its much more eccentric revision! These stripes are strong, even cheeky! It is a geometric element you can’t afford to lose for no reason at all.

How to wear them? Trendy combinations feature eccentric elements: stripes in combination with colorful prints and cartoon, but even strong color combinations or… other stripes! Key word: dare!
Color blocking

Same thing for everyone who prayed for the color blocking trend to come back! Good News: strong colors and hazardous combinations are the real kings of this season.
Ruches and volants

Romantic and girly, rouches are a light trendy detail and they’ll be essential this summer. It is a bit of femininity to make your outfit precious and full of charme. From shirts to dresses, from hoodies to pants: nobody can escape to the charme of rouches and volants!
Raspberry Color

Wondering which color will be in this season? Next to the evergreen yellow and the new Greenery here’s a new must-have: raspberry! (a mix between fuxia and red), the coolest colour of this spring-summer collection 2017.
Black and white

Someone once said that the classic is never out of fashion. Well, this season sees the evergreen combination black and white still steady in your wardrobe. You just need to use it in its geometric shapes!

Denim can be seen as an evergreen too, since he’s steady season by season and can be used in every king of trend and combination. This spring we can find it in thousend of combinations: classic jeans, coats, jackets, mini dresses… everything you like!





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