VIP moms, here’s what they look like!

VIP moms, here’s what they look like!

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There are several celebrities that love to post picture with hugs, kisses, or meaningful messagges related to their moms. From Kate Hudson to Dakota Johnson, from Charlitze Theron to Anne Hathway, moms always have an important role in the life of every single person. The mom is also important in the life of Hollywood stars that, now rich and famous, can take care of their moms, look after them and pamper them in the best way possible. FOr example Blake Lively admitted that she can’t even buy a pair of shoes without askink her mom for help; then Eva Mendes that always counted on the full support of her mother even during her difficoult adolescence,; and Katie Holmesthat, youngest of five children, asked her mother for practical help after her divorce with Tom Cruise, Mrs Holmes had even to move to New York with her to help her.

Here’s some pictures of celebrities’ moms, the real stars of our gallery!


-Blake Ellender Brown, known as Blake Lively, and her mother Elaine McAlpin, actress.

-Gwyneth Kate Paltrow and her mother, Blythe Katherine Danner, American actress and winner of 2 Emmy Awards and a Tony Award. 

-Vanessa Redgrave, one of the best Arittish actresses an her daughter Joely Richardson.

-Here’s Katie Holmes with her daughter Suri and her mother Kathleen Sarafyan, always been a housewife.

РThe American singer, dancer and actress Jennifer Lynn Lopez and her mother Guadalupe, housewife. 

-The Oscar-winning actress Anne Jaqueline Hathaway and her mother Kate McCauley, theatre actress.

Jennifer Anne Garner and her mother Patricia Ann, english teacher.

-Charlize Theron, actress, producer and model, with her mother, entrepreneur 



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