9 original ways to use IKEA furniture

9 original ways to use IKEA furniture

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What’s the last home decor trend? Personalizing your IKEA’s furniture or using them in original ways! Wanna try? Here’s some ideas for you to inspire your creative genius.

This IVAR shelving system can be easily decorated with big white clouds and be turned into a cabinet for your children’s room!


The shelving system IVAR can also be used in several other ways. For istance, in this case two single elements were used as a bench for your home entrance, in combination with two comfortable pillows.

This little desk drawers have been painted and hung on the wall, in combination with other elements to create creative compositions and usefull to keep all of your small goods always in the same place.

This cork cockpits can stunning if used as decoration or cork board hung on the wall, don’t you think? You can hung them in a precise row or in creative ways.

IKEA kitchen bars and containers can be easily used in other rooms of the house to contain different objects. What do you think about this idea to make your balcony more artistic? It is an ingenious and practical solution to keep all of your aromatic plants in order, ready to use!

A single LACK module and some rope to help your furry friend with its nails, add a soft pillow and it can be the perfect house for every single cat. Seeing is believing!


Secure a ironing board on a kitchen trolley FÖRHÖJA by IKEA , and you’ll get a perfect ironing table complite of ironing board and drawers to keep everything you need.


IKEA’s plant pots can became charming containers for your make-up and accessorizes. Practical and comfortable, everything is where you need it.

From the simple STUVA containers to a hut structure built with two wooden boards, the perfect play house for your children!




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